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Let’s work together, Mandevu PF urged

OFFICIALS in Mandevu should work together in readiness for 2021 general elections, Patriotic Front Justine Kabwe ward 21 newly elected executive member and secretary Lukas Tompwe has advised.
Mr Tompwe assured party members that he was ready to work with everyone including those who stood against him.
“I want to take this opportunity to thank the party in Mandevu constituency particularly Justine kabwe ward 21 for having the free and fair intra-party elections. And on behalf of the other elected executive members, I want to assure our opponents that, there is no loser but just the change of leadership”
He called upon all party structures in the ward to work with everyone including those that had lost in the intra party elections.
“We should not consider each other as enemies but as one family under the father of our able president. Our duty now is to mobilise the party and secure victory for the party and our able President Edgar Chagwa Lungu come 2021”
“As the chief administrator of Justine kabwe ward 21, am calling upon everyone in the ward including those who lost to come together so that we build the party in readiness for the general elections in 2021”
Meanwhile, Mr Tompwe has urged people in the ward to follow and adhere to the health guidelines that had been put in place to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.


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