Desperate opposition leaders caned

OPPOSITION political parties should not cause confusion in an effort to get into power, former State House Deputy Minister Blackson Sikanyika has said.
Mr Sikanyika said he was disappointed with reports that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema was inciting youths to rise against Government.
The former Deputy Minister in the MMD Government, said the manoeuvres from Mr Hichilema showed his desperation for power.
Mr Sikanyika said opposition leaders should not be desperate to an extent of putting the country’s peace and security at risk just for them to get to State House.
He was speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation.
“Politicians should always remember that in as much they want Political power there is a country to protect because there will be no country to rule they destroy it,” Mr Sikanyika said.
He said there was need for politicians to embrace patriotism and national as inciting youths to raise against Government would not help address their concerns.
Mr Sikanyika said the country should always dialogue because protests could lead to chaos.


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