Sex workers’ ‘business’ dwindles

COMMERCIAL sex workers in Kitwe have complained that business has become hard for them because clients are difficult to find following the closure of bars and night clubs.
They complained that their “profession” had also been impacted negatively because of the Covid-19 outbreak.
The commercial sex workers, who mistook a Daily Nation Reporter for a client, said the closure of bars and night clubs had forced them to chase for clients in the streets, where business was equally difficult because there were too many girls.
The two girls aged between 18 and 20 identified themselves and said they were hoping that Government would soon open night clubs and bars where they could have a chance to meet clients.
“Work is really hard because bars and night clubs have been closed following the outbreak of the Covid-19. In bars and night clubs, that is where we used to meet our clients.
“We have been forced to come on the streets because bars and night clubs have been closed, but in the streets business is hard. Sometimes you may not even find one client. So if you have money, we are ready for you. If you don’t have just give us K20 transport money,” said one of the girls.
They told the Daily Nation that poverty had forced them to engage in prostitution because business had failed while steady relationships had continued to crumble because men usually dumped them within a short time. One of the ladies said she would be happy to find a man to look after her or a good business to sustain her in various ways like paying rentals, feeding her and other things.
“I have turned to prostitution because things are not working out well.
I have tried business, it has failed and when I get into a relationship, men dump me within a month. May be, I have bad luck, I don’t know,” she said.


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