Chiefs disprove dishing out huge chunks of land in Masaiti and Mwinilunga

FORMER House of Chiefs chairperson, Chief Kaputa has dispelled assertions that traditional leaders sold huge chunks of land to foreigners without government involvement.

Chief Kaputa said contrary to assertions by some sections of society that traditional leaders are fond of selling large pieces of land to foreign investors, no traditional leader has done that.

There has been complaints from Masaiti and Mwinilunga that traditional leaders have made it a habit to sell huge pieces of land to foreign investors at the expense of their subjects who end up being displaced.

The traditional leader said huge land investment requires government involvement.

He explained that chiefs’ mandate in terms of land allocation is limited to 250 hectares while the Ministry of Lands can allocate up to 1, 000 hectares.

The chief wondered why some traditional leaders can be accused of selling huge pieces of land to foreign investors when their capacity to do so is limited to not more than 250 hectares.

“Honestly, I do not know of any chief who has given large chunks of land to any foreigner.  I say so because large land investment requires government participation,” Chief Kaputa said.

The traditional leader added that government agencies are always involved when it comes to land allocation to foreign investors on projects of national interest.

Chief Kaputa said supporting institutions such as local authorities were also consulted whenever the traditional leaders were dealing with matters of land.


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