Explain rising mealie meal prices

Fri, 21 Dec 2012 16:18:40 +0000

OPPOSITION Political party leaders have challenged President Michael Sata to explain the continued rise in mealie meal prices when the nation recorded a bumper harvest in the last four seasons.

Mr. Milupi said that President Sata should explain to the people of Zambia why mealie meal prices have continued to rise up when the country had been recording bumper harvest in the past four farming seasons.

Mr. Milupi said that it was shameful for President Sata to offload Police officers on the opposition when the country had a crisis in mealie meal and fuel. “There is a short fall of mealie meal supply in the country and the little being offloaded on t he market the price is extremely high. The commodity is selling at between 80 and 100 thousand kwacha per 25 kg. This is where President Sata should extend his anger to find out why Mealie meal is expensive 1 year into office,” he said.

The opposition leaders also demanded from President Sata and the PF government to explain the fuel shortages the country was experiencing rather than punishing those that wanted to speak on the failure of the PF government.

He said Zambia had harvested about 3.8 trillion metric tones of maize in t he previous farming season, but wondered why Zambia could run out of the commodity when a government was in place.

And United Liberal Party leader Sakwiba Sikota has thanked President Michael Sata for opening the eyes and ears of the people to bad leadership and the failures of the PF government.

“I thank Mr. Sata for opening up doors for the opposition to work together, I have also to thank him for ensuring that the opposition is strengthened. My brothers here have nothing more to fear even going to prison because they have already done that.

He also thanked President Sata for showing the people of Zambia that there was a better leadership for Zambia unlike the PF government which strives on  lies and promises which have never been fulfilled.

Mr. Sikota also said that Zambian have resolved not to make mistakes like the one that they did in voting for the PF government and President Sata as its leader because they have failed.

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