Government  rubbishes ‘Lungu is sick’ rumour

Fri, 03 Mar 2017 10:25:24 +0000



IT IS inhuman and shocking for detractors to insinuate that President Edgar Lungu is unwell in Israel when the truth is that he is enjoying good health and wooing investors for the benefit of the country, says Chief Government spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga.

In an interview yesterday, Ms Mulenga said it was unchristian as well as against the Zambian culture to wish anyone ill health and described the allegations as alarming, malicious and fabricated which she said were meant to put the country in a panic mode and reiterated that President Lungu was experiencing good health.

She said that it was mind-boggling and uncalled for that people would stoop so low as to spread falsehoods instead  of wishing the Head of State well.

The minister challenged online reports, saying that even the pictures which they had displayed showed a healthy looking Head of State and questioned their motive to wish President Lungu sick.

“I want to reassure the nation that the Head of State is not sick, he went on a State visit and I am sure that even the same social media will show you pictures where the President is looking healthy, as of yesterday (Wednesday) we saw the President visit Jesus’ tomb, so how can he be sick?

“Those are malicious and alarming statements trying to bring the country into panic and those that are wishing him ill it’s very sad. Honestly how can you wish your President ill health?   What are they insinuating and trying to put forward to the nation?

Ms Mulenga, who is Patriotic Front Member of Parliament for Kalulushi, said that citizens were alive to the fact that the reason President Lung had travelled to Israel and was accompanied by ministers in relevant areas of interest for certain key investment in various sectors of the economy was aimed at boosting the country’s economy.


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