Helicopter purchase

Dear Editor,

IT is normal for those who do not know him to be surprised that he has bought a helicopter.

For those of us who know him, it is normal. He has had money ever since I knew him and that was long before politics.

I also have other friends that own aircraft in Zambia and its normal when one is in business to own such.

Don’t expect to be an employee and buy a plane. Salaries won’t make you achieve that.

Mr Malanji bought two brand new Mercedes Benz cars before he stood as a Member of Parliament. 

You have read in the press about him going to court over disputes with banks during the course of conducting business.

Some of you might have slept in his lodges or hotels, or rented shops in his property but today you get surprised when he buys a helicopter? Lol  

My dream is to own a plane. And on course, we should all have dreams. Let’s move from zero to hero.

Get a job to get initial capital and then start investing in your own things.

Buy property to keep some of your wealth stable in fixed assets.

Wealth creation takes a long time. Do not panic if you are not multiplying your wealth quickly.

The Malanjis started in the 80s.

Business is key to success. When you look at mansions built even by the likes of Hakainde Hichilema, they ventured into business. I’m sure even HH owns a helicopter. Don’t hate the players. Hate the game.

News about people acquiring such things should motivate us and not make us feel jealous.

This world is a world of scarce resources. We are all fighting for those scarce resources. The problem with us Africans is that we have given up getting these resources and have resigned into church hoping to get free resources in heaven.

But in the western world, they have balanced wealth creation on earth and seeking heaven!

Let’s create wealth…



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