Kampyongo orders police sex abuse probe

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 08:32:02 +0000



ALLEGATIONS that female police recruits are being forced into sex orgies with training instructors to gain favours in order to pass out, have angered Government and Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has warned of stern action against anyone attempting to destroy the image and reputation of the Zambia Police Services.

Mr Kampyongo was reacting to allegations that are circulating on the social media that female police recruits were being forced to have sex with the training instructors to gain favours for lighter training and pass out certificates.

He told journalists during the media briefing that it was saddening, as a minister, to receive allegations and innuendos which were meant to demean the female police officers who had achieved their best because of hard work.

Mr Kampyongo described the allegations as regrettable because in every police training institution, the trainees and instructors were performing their duties in conformity with the code of conducts which were meant to regulate the behaviour for the police trainees and instructors and that in cases where there was a breach of the code of conduct those found wanting were punished accordingly.

He said that was meant to ensure the Police Service came out with products that were well disciplined to uphold human rights, protect people and property and that the country was safe for all as evidenced from the last pass out where discipline was displayed by female police trainees who had now became constables in various police stations.

Mr Kampyongo further stated that he was amazed by the increased number of female graduates who had been awarded during the parade pass outs which was a result of good performance.

The minister has commended instructors and men in uniform who had done their best to ensure that women became women of substance in the service.

Mr Kampyongo has appealed to all those with complaints in that regard to channel their complaints through the office of the Inspector General of police or his office so that the credibility of the service was not compromised.

And he has also assured the public that they would be informed of the outcome of the investigations as he had directed the relevant authorities to institute investigations in the matter.


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