MMD youths castigate Chongu

Mon, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000


MOVEMENT for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) youths have advised PF member Maxwell Chongu to desist from undermining party secretary general Raphael Nakacinda.

The youths said Chongu should refrain from his utterances because he had no idea about the agreement the two political parties made when they went into an alliance.

MMD National Youth coordinator Gerald Chiluba said the youths do not find pleasure in disrespecting leaders and elders, but wondered why Mr Chongu had continued insulting political leaders both from the ruling and the opposition.

Mr Chiluba said the youths would never be tempted to be reduced to his cheap level of reasoning, because it was clear that Chongu knew nothing about politics.

“As MMD youth we have so much respect for the PF Secretary General Davis Mwila why then would Maxwell Chongo dare to disrespect our national secretary.

“We know in your quest to find relevance in the political arena you have made it an article of faith to insult and disrespect political leaders from the opposition and the unfortunate ones in PF,” said Mr Chiluba.

And Mr Chiluba further said his approach to politics was the reason why youths were not entrusted with leadership because such behaviour portrayed youths that they can only be used as rubble rouser.

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