PF lawyers in payment quandary

Sun, 27 May 2012 12:00:04 +0000

Billions of Kwacha owed to most lawyers and associates handling the over 80 Patriotic Front (PF) election petitions may not be paid.

A veteran lawyer has disclosed that lawyers, not law firms, were recruited to handle the petitions which were commenced as a matter of policy by the Patriotic Front Secretariat in a bid to increase its numbers in Parliament.

“The names of these lawyers were communicated to the PF secretary general, and latest correspondence confirms that these lawyers are supposed to be paid an agreed amount multiplied by the number of petitions they handled.” He said.

These fees, he said, were different from their monthly salaries. The lawyer could not say how much each lawyer is supposed to be paid.

“It is sad and unfair because these junior lawyers are the back bone of the PF petitions. They did most of the work and are now busy preparing records of appeal. But all this may be for nothing notwithstanding that these associates have duly earned their allowances.” He said.

He urged the President and the PF secretary general to intervene and ensure that when monies are disbursed they must seek proof that each and every junior lawyer signed for their money corresponding to the number of petitions handled since their names are appearing on Judgments.

The lawyer also asked the Patriotic Front to ask for all Judgments to confirm the persons who would sign for the money.

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