Set up eduaction commision of inquiry, Govt advised

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 11:36:39 +0000



PRESIDENT Edgar Chagwa Lungu should set up a commission of inquiry to look into how the colleges of education are run and break the ancient culture of educational administrators resisting transfers, a retired educationist Edward Mudenda has charged.

According to Mr Mudenda, some college administrators had overstayed in their respective stations, thereby leading them to engage in sophisticated corruption because of their familiarity with the respective stations.

Mr Mudenda appealed to President Lungu to extend the ongoing transfers, reshuffles and retirements in the civil service to college administrators in the eleven government colleges of education in Zambia.

He said the commission of inquiry should give guidance on whether colleges of education administrators should be cited for abuse of office for throwing out the legally instituted constitutions designed for the management of distance learning education units in colleges of education.

“The constitution clearly states the term of office for office bearers, management of finances, among many democratic benchmarks thrown out with impunity.

“And these are administrators who are busy pulling down President Lungu’s ambition of creating a holistic democratic state,” he said.

Mr Mudenda accused some administrators for having illegally appointed men and women to run these units on permanent basis contrary to the elective democratic mode enshrined in the colleges of education distance learning constitutions.

He said an inquiry would further reveal a lot of malpractices even to secondary and primary schools administrations who had been rejecting their transfers on allegations that they had some connections which appeared to be protecting them whenever such situations arose.


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