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We have been compelled to issue this statement as PF Lusaka Provincial leadership following a deliberate and clear malicious manoeuvres by our political opponents who have gone to the extent of misrepresenting and misinterpreting the earlier statement where I stated that Lusaka Lawyer John Sangwa must be treated as a political opponent, Patriotic Front (PF) in Lusaka says.The statement I issued on PF Lusaka Province Chairperson Kennedy Kamba says the statement he made on Saturday last week was comprehensive and gave clear-cut reasons why Sangwa will be treated as a political opponent by the PF.

He says “As usual, Sangwa himself and some excited opposition leaders including the opposition inclined clergy and some media organisation have misinterpreted the statement, deliberately so to portray a bad picture on my character that I threatened Sangwa’s life. You can play back the footages of the media that covered the event and also refer to the statement I issued on Saturday May 22, 2021 and see if there is anywhere I threatened Sangwa’s life. At no time did I ever threaten anybody’s life. In a statement today, he says the reactions to the statement he issued are highly malicious and meant to tarnish his image in the eyes of the right thinking Zambians.”Unless somebody can convince the nation and indeed myself that treating someone as a political opponent in a democratic dispensation like Zambia means threatening someone’s life or violence. Far from it! The simple illustration and meaning of my statement was that Sangwa’s behaviour and his continued futile attempts to block President Edgar Lungu from contesting the August elections, is typically of that of a frustrated opposition politician and as the PF we are going to take him on as a political opponent,” he says.

“I want to tell Bishop Simon Chihana who has issued a condemnation of me in one of the daily tabloids that your statement was misdirected to suit the desires of the opposition, Sangwa himself and those that are against President Edgar Lungu.Bishop Chahana is saying what I said were words of darkness and dictatorship not befitting a worthy leader. It’s clear that Bishop Chihana is reacting to what he does not understand because I never threatened Sangwa’s life. I am very disappointed with the Bishop and I demand an apology from Bishop Chihana and all those on record that have continued claiming what did not come out of my mouth,”. Mr Kamba says “I am not violent, I am not a thug but a provincial leader of a reputable organisation, the ruling PF Party in Lusaka.

I have no propensity to threaten the life of someone. I am not above the law and neither is Sangwa or anybody above the law.What I know, however, he says, is that I have fundamental rights and freedoms like any other Zambian to express my political opinion. I will not apologise do anyone, not even Sangwa because I never threatened the life of anybody.”Coming to Sangwa, we emphasise that indeed we will treat him as a political opponent and we will defend President Edgar Lungu from malicious attacks.The public knows too well that Sangwa has been making manoeuvres to stop President Lungu form contesting the forthcoming elections for his selfish reasons.

As we indicated before, and the public is fully aware that the Courts of Law, the Constitutional Court already ruled on this matter.President Lungu is eligible,” Mr Kamba says.Mr Kamba who is also a Member of the Central Committee says they just want to drift attention to disturb campaign strategies, to negatively sway the minds of the innocent supportive Zambians that love President Lungu but that will not happen. He says President Lungu will be on the ballot come August 12, 2021. He says is a man who has shamed his critics by working hard, by delivering to Zambians in all sectors beyond expectation. Mr Kamba says well-meaning Zambians who are the majority know very well that this is the man this country needs and they will make sure he bounces back in State House after August 12.

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