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Nchanga Local Court toilets in dire need of face-lift

Dear Editor,

I WRITE to appeal to the government and other relevant organisations to come to the aid of Nchanga Local Court whose public toilets are in a deplorable state.

They should actually be closed by the health department if the situation remains unchanged.

As if that is not enough, the toilets are also not even providing privacy to the users as they are visible from the main roadside making it uncomfortable for those attending court sessions to use. It is therefore important that as donations and other projects are being implemented during this campaign period, this very important structure should be considered and given priority too, considering that it serves people from all walks of life on daily basis except for weekends.

The other major concern is that the toilets should offer privacy by erecting a wall fence along the roadside to make the place conducive for users.

We as human beings need privacy when answering to the call of nature.


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