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Political rallies can be the super spreaders for Coronavirus

Dear Editor,

ZAMBIA is one of the countries affected by Covid-19. Our country has witnessed quite a number of deaths since the outbreak in March last year.
Observing social distance by people has been cited as one of the preventive measures of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this vein, it is inevitable that gathering of any kind should be avoided at all cost.
However, the political rallies can be the super spreader of the coronavirus pandemic ahead of the 2021 polls slated for August 12. This is because people always gather in large numbers whenever a political figure like the republican President visits a particular region as it has been the trend.
With the forthcoming political rallies commencing next month, Tte picture can be different owing to mass gatherings during the campaign period.
Political rallies by nature attract large crowds. This scenario entails that people would gather in large numbers without observing social distance thereby putting their lives at risk of contracting the CovidD-19 pandemic.
The right thing to do in curbing the further spread of the coronavirus is to continue sensitising people about the danger of this disease. Truth be told, people should not drop their guard in an effort of combating the pandemic.
All Covid-19 preventive measures such as social distancing, masking up, sanitising and washing of hands must be adhered to ahead of the 2021 polls. Otherwise, the political rallies can be the super spreader of Covid-19. This should not be the case.


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