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THE United Party for National Development (UPND) dug its own grave after directing its Members of Parliament to ignore Government development initiatives and now they will reap what the sowed, former UPND Mbabala MP, Ephraim Belemu has said.

Mr Belemu said the rejection of some UPND parliamentary candidates at the grassroot in Southern Province was the making of the party’s top hierarchy for choosing to boycott Government programmes.

He said in an interview that the boycott resulted in UPND MPs failing to deliver development because it was difficult to work in isolation.

Mr Belemu said the UPND was now reaping the fruits of the wrong and selfish decisions of the top leadership not to work with the government.

“For a long time the UPND told their MPs you can’t work with the government, even when the Republican President visited in Southern Province, MPs were reprimanded if they were seen welcoming him,” he said.

He said the people of Southern Province had demonstrated that their interest was not about the UPND, but whoever was capable of helping them meet their developmental needs.

Mr Belemu said going forward, the UPND should reflect and begin to view development and aspiration of the people differently from partisan politics.

“It’s not partisan politics that will feed the people but development, for an MP you can’t work in isolation with the central government but unfortunately that was the policy of the UPND,” he said.

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