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We have not ascertained the quality, safety, and efficacy of  LH24 and LH36 for treatment or management of COVID-19, therefore the public must refrain from using such medicines, the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) has warned.

Lianhuaqingwen (LH) capsule is a repurposed marketed Chinese herb product that is said to have been proven effective for influenza.

And ZAMRA has warned that all those selling unauthorized medical products for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or management of Covid-19 would be prosecuted

Senior public relations manager, Christabel Illiamupu in a statement warned the public against the use of such medicines as treatment or management of Covid-19.

Ms. Illiamupu said the authority has urged the public to refrain from using Ivermectin for treatment or management of Covid-19 as there is still inadequate clinical evidence on the efficacy of Ivermectin for treatment and prevention of COVID-19.

“ZAMRA wishes to reiterate its position that the quality, safety, and efficacy of LH24 and LH36 for treatment or management of Covid-19 have not been ascertained by the Authority,” she said.

She said surveillance inspections and monitoring activities have been heightened and regulatory action would be taken against offenders.

The public is further advised to adhere to the current ministry of health guidelines on prevention and treatment of Covid-19, she said.

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