Dear Editor,

THE law enforcers, the police should arrest people practicing chidyelano in Eastern Province. 

This is a practice where married couples exchange their spouses for sexual intimacy. This is done through consent by the couples involved.

Chidyelano is practiced mostly in Eastern Province. It is not only illegal but also abominable. What happens in chidyelano is that the married couple would ask another married couple to exchange sex.  It is believed that this practice has been in existence since time immemorial.

The bad part of chidyelano is that the practice can be the super spreader of HIV and AIDS pandemic. This is because it involves unprotected sex during the exchange of spouses for sex.

However, chidyelano now involves the neighbouring countries in that some married couples from Zambia would exchange spouses for sex with their counterparts from Malawi and Mozambique.

This normally happens during trade as some traders cross borders from one country to another. Chief Nzamane and other traditional rulers in Eastern Province have come together to fight chidyelano because it is illegal and abominable. These chiefs should be commended for the good job they are doing to curb the vice. Moving forward; I reiterate the need to fight the sexual vices being practiced especially in rural areas in the name of preserving culture. Let us preserve the good cultures in the villages and get rid of the evil ones.  To achieve this, there is need for stakeholders such as the civil society organisations to sensitise people.



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