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GOVERNMENT has assured parents and guardians of the safety of the school going children, stating that the school environment was the safest place even amid the rising Covid-19 cases.

Ministry of General Education Permanent Secretary – Technical Services, Jobbicks Kalumba made the observation during an interview and noted that the first and second wave of the pandemic had disrupted the school curriculum.

This, he said, had a negative effect on the learners and as such schools must stay open under the new normal.

Dr Kalumba observed that the ministry of General Education managed to enhance the safety of the school environment during the first and second wave of the pandemic.

He said that it was for this reason that the government was positive that the schools will continue to uphold the five golden rules for the safety of the child.

Dr Kalumba insisted that the school environment was the safest place because it was orderly and managed by well trained professionals.

He said that the teachers were well equipped with knowledge and skills that will enable them to ensure that the children were safe.

He stressed that closing down schools would only further negatively impact the implementation of the curriculum and thus lead to low levels of education among children. 

Dr Kalumba emphasised that closing down schools was not the best option as it would result into an uneducated future generation.

He said that the school calendar could not be affected further because the pandemic was here to stay.

Dr Kalumba was confident that despite the rising number of cases the schools would continue to provide leadership during the challenging times.

He said that the schools were working closely with the district health offices to enhance disease surveillance, prevention and management.

He noted that the schools were therefore expected to report any suspected Covid-19 case to the relevant health authorities for action.

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