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HAKAINDE Hichilema claims that he was shot at by Police in Ndola but Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja has rubbished the claims, terming them as reckless.

Mr Kanganja however confirmed receiving a report of unlawful wounding in which UPND cadres injured one person with a screwdriver who is admitted to hospital, while another victim was hacked in the head with a machete.  Another was hit with an iron bar and sustained a fractured collarbone.

Mr Hichilema,   the UPND president claimed in a Facebook post that he had survived an assassination attempt by police.

 But the police have rubbished Mr Hichilema’s claims that police fired at him and his entourage yesterday, saying it was the UPND who were causing mayhem.

He said when Mr Hichilema was proceeding to Kitwe in a convoy of more than 100 motor vehicles, Police attempted to stop some motor vehicles for purposes of conducting security checks but they forced their way through a roadblock and some traffic police officers were stoned using catapults, resulting in officers discharging teargas smoke at the unruly cadres and dispersing them.

Mr Kanganja said Mr Hichilema’s statement was irresponsible and meant to hoodwink the public for political reasons.

“The UPND did not notify the police of their activities in Ndola, however police learnt that the UPND leader who is in the province and was going to attend a church service in Mushili on Saturday and whilst at church, bus loads were seen offloading cadres which resulted in a crowd forming.

The UPND later had a roadshow forcing their way into markets where they had illegal rallies,” he said.

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