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A NEW dawn is here for the jobless Zambian youths where they will be skilled and find opportunity to work or do business in an economy that is revived, President Hakainde Hichilema has said.

And President Hichilema has said the days of Government workers being retired in national interest for political or unfair grounds, were over and asked all those affected by this to present their cases for reinstating.  

Delivering his inauguration speech in Lusaka yesterday, President Hichilema said time had come for all Zambians to be truly free democratically and economically.  

He promised both the unemployed youths and mothers in Zambia that are struggling with the high cost of food that a lower cost of living would soon be a reality.

He said his administration had a clear vision and plan to overcome and deliver on the aspirations of the Zambian people.


The Head of State however said the road ahead to deliver the aspirations of Zambians would not be without challenges but with a clear vision and plan, his administration was determined to deliver.

Mr Hichilema said  the high levels of unemployment, especially among Zambian youths was of great concern to him and would be high on his agenda to address.

‘To the jobless youths, a new dawn is here where you will be skilled and find opportunity to work or do business in an economy that we will revive.

“To the mother, struggling with the high cost of food, a lower cost of living will soon be a reality,” President Hichilema said.

The President further promised the young entrepreneurs in Zambia that are seeking capital, an investor and a better operating environment that his Government would do the needful by attending to their needs in order for them  to thrive.

Mr Hichilema said: “as your President, I will ensure that we deliver on our promises.”

He said as  ‘Bally’, his team would not only fix the Zambia’s economy but also lift more people out of poverty than ever before.

He also said that no Zambian would be retired in national interest or victimised for political reasons.

President Hichilema also said he would promote unity in diversity and ensure respect for the fundamental human rights and freedoms for all Zambians.

He reiterated that with God’s guidance, his administration would restore the rule of law, general order in the public places and communities, and return Zambia back to normalcy.

Going forward, he said, you will see rationality, prudence and effectiveness from our side.

He said his government would in the next five years focus on restoring macro-economic stability and promoting growth of the economy.  

He also said his Government would promote national unity and good governance by strict adherence to the rule of law and focusing on inclusion and not exclusion. Unity, and not division.

He said his Government would aggressively promote the creation of jobs and opportunities that will create wealth, especially for our youth, women and indeed all citizens.  

In agriculture, he said, we will work to enhance production, agricultural extension services, market access, value addition and lowering the cost of inputs. 

In mining industry, President Hichilema said his administration would strive to increase copper and other mineral production so that Zambia could reclaim its place as one of Africa’s leading mining countries.

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