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THE UPND government should desist from witch-hunting and retribution in its fight against corruption or else he the country will be more divided, the Patriotic Front (PF) has cautioned.

PF Copperbelt Deputy Media Director, Munalula Moola, said the former ruling party had observed that the fight against corruption could degenerate into mere witch-hunting and retribution, targeting certain individuals.

In an interview in Kitwe at the weekend, Mr Moola said the fight against corruption was aimed at instilling fear in some vocal PF officials to silence them.

He said the UPND should stop persecuting the PF officials and instead concentrate on fulfilling campaign promises like free education and job creation for youths.

“We know that this fight against corruption is not genuine but it is mere witch-hunting and retribution. Our Members of Parliament (MP) have their phones tapped while others have their accounts frozen for no genuine reason at all, but to instill fear in them.

“But one thing UPND should know is that retribution will not improve people’s lives, retribution will not deliver free education, retribution will not create employment for youths. If they concentrate on retribution, even youths who voted for them, will one day turn against them,” Mr Munalula said.

Mr Munalula said the PF was aware of the vicious plan of the UPND to weaken the opposition through creating by-elections in the 35 constituencies.

He said the desire of the UPND was to dominate parliament and consequently return to one party rule which was the worst form of dictatorship, but the former ruling party was not shaken because, in the process of such evil plans, God will always intervene

“The victory of UPND in the August elections was God’s intervention to reveal the character of certain individuals and slowly the character of certain individuals is being revealed within a short time. It is matter of time before the whole truth is revealed.

“So, to my colleagues in the PF and Zambians in general, let us be on our knees to pray for God’s intervention so that we don’t succumb to the Powers of Darkness. In PF, we made our own mistakes, but we believed in God and the religion of Christianity,” he said.

Mr Moola said Zambians should realise that the country had departed from the face of God and this was why the voice of the church had become silent despite the evils which were being committed by the members of the ruling party.

“When the UPND cadres murdered PF North-western province Chairman Jackson Kungo, nobody including the church condemned it. It was only former President Edgar Lungu and PF who were mourning, the entire country was silent about it

“When UPND thugs attacked the PF Mayor in Kabwe, nobody condemned it. It was fine, it was lotion to apply on a body. It is sad and unfair that the PF was being labelled to be unruly when in actual fact, it was the UPND cadres who were brutal and killed people in broad day light,” he said.

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