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GOVERNMENT has been challenged to reveal creditors in the alleged hidden debt failure to which will just show that the administration thrives on lies.

Former Mbabala UPND Member of Parliament Ephraim Belemu has said failure by Government to expose the creditors linked to the alleged hidden debt by the previous government attests to the general belief that the ruling party thrives on lies.

Mr Belemu said he personally doubts if there is any hidden debt as claimed by the new administration  

He challenged the government to state exactly who the creditors are and whether the alleged contracted debt is domestic or external.

Mr Belemu said it will be good for the citizens to be furnished with clear details of the creditors so that the speculations on the issue can come to an end.

He said if it was domestic, Government should come out in the open to disclose the names of the creditors so that the citizens who are taxpayers can know. 

Mr Belemu also said if the debt is external, the new administration should equally state which countries are owed how much and for which project. 

He said this is the more reason the public has been calling for the enactment of the access to information because this way citizens will be able to demand for answers from those in power. 

Former Finance minister, Bwalya Ng’andu has challenged the UPND government to name the creditors who were being owed the hidden debt as they claimed.

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