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Probe Faith for the K65m recovered at her house

Probe Faith for the K65m recovered at her house

Dear Editor.

JUST a few days ago, social media was awash with videos and pictures of the recovery of the K65, 330, 000 and US$57, 350.00 at the house of Ms Faith Musonda aged 38, the former Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) journalist in New Kasama.

A combined team of the Zambia Police and the Bank of Zambia officials last Saturday visited Ms Musonda’s plush house in New Kasama and seized the stated amount of money. This follows a tip from an individual who alerted the police. Her workers are believed to have witnessed the police collecting the money which is suspected to be proceeds of crime.

The US$57, 350.00 was found in a safe in the house. The owner of the money is reported to have travelled outside the country earlier this month.

In the turn of events, Ms Musonda, through her lawyers, is requesting the Bank of Zambia and the police to return the money to her. The central bank is keeping custody of the money and investigations are underway.

There is no law that compels any person on how the person should keep the money quite allright. In this regard, the person can keep the money at home or at the bank. In the same vein, there is nothing sinister about her keeping money at home provided it was legally acquired.

The bone of contention is how Ms Musonda acquired such colossal sums of money in a country where the majority Zambians are wallowing in abject poverty.

The logical thing to do is for her to return from wherever she is and account for the money. Ultimately, this will dispel any suspicion of money laundering activities.

If she is in business, let her disclose the business she does. On the other hand she should disclose the source of her money.

The police should thoroughly probe the source of her money. As for now, she should be arrested to answer charges regarding the money which was recovered at her home.



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