Dear Editor,

THE liquidation process at KCM was effected in May 2019 by the PF Government overnight, just by a stroke of the pen. Up to August 24, 2021, the so-called liquidator at KCM was there at the mercy of the PF Government.

It is now almost one month since UPND inherited Government from PF. This means the liquidator is at KCM since August 24, at the mercy of you President Bally.

So, all the mess ongoing at KCM since August 24 is squarely on the shoulders, and is responsibility of you President Bally. This is so because, by the stroke of the pen, you President Bally would have chased away the liquidator as far back as August 24.

Sadly, instead of prioritising matters that are supposed to bring in billions of dollars into the country, such as sorting out the KCM mess, my brother President Bally you are busy dealing with trivial things such as recalling of diplomats. Such trivialities can wait.

To be clear, my brother leader President Bally, sentiments on the ground concerning KCM liquidation are not pleasant. So, wherever you are in the world, can you please deal with the liquidation at KCM.

Demonstrate not only to the Zambian people, but also the international investors you intend to meet in the US, that you are very serious with the economic welfare of this country, and investment.

By the stroke of the pen, can you please direct the ZCCM-IH CEO to withdraw the liquidation proceedings today. Sir, your predecessor did so, and this is the fastest way to go around the liquidation process. And you have the power to do so.

I can assure you that as soon as you do so, there will be a glimmer of hope to end the mess at KCM. In the interim, immediately appoint a team to help clean up the mess. As experts in the green agenda, we can help you in this regard.

Sir, disregard this advice, and you will remember me pretty soon.

To Special Assistants to President Bally, in case he misses this, please convey the message to the principal without delay.


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