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Dear Editor,

I HAVE a dream, that one day Zambia will be run by a competent President;

A President with a vision to make Zambia the greatest country in sub-Saharan Africa;

A President who will be capable of converting our huge economic potential into actual wealth, for the benefit of Zambians;

A President who will make Zambia to become self-sufficient by funding our own national budget and not relying on foreigners to lend us money;

A President who will put the interests of Zambians above those of any foreigner;

A President who will create a conducive environment for hardworking Zambians to thrive and prosper;

A President who will focus on empowering poor and vulnerable citizens to become entrepreneurs and potential employers instead of giving them perpetual handouts in the name of Social Cash Transfer;

A President whose passion is to uplift every Zambian regardless of the region or corner of Zambia where they hail from;

A President who believes that the solutions to Zambia’s problems lie here in Zambia and not in Europe or America;

A President with a sober character and high levels of integrity and who will fight corruption across the board and not only when it involves political opponents;

A President who will appoint candidates to decision-making positions on the basis of merit only and not on the basis of patronage and/or misinformed affirmative action;

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A President who will have a sense of urgency to develop Zambia and not a playboy who will get excited with riding across the globe in a Presidential jet like a modern day Vasco Da Gama;

A President with clearly SET goals of what to achieve during the five-year term;

A President with clearly SET milestones of what to achieve at the end of each year of his tenure;

A President with clearly SET objectives of what to achieve at the end of every month of his presidency;

A President with clearly SET tasks of what to do every day of his presidency.


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