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THE Kasama Magistrates’ Court has discharged a 58-year-old peasant farmer of Mungwi who was arrested for assaulting his 40-year-old son over a cigarette.

In this matter, Samuel Mulenga of James Mulenga village was charged with assault on his son, Peter, who suffered an injury on the left eye.

Mulenga punched his son on August 27, this year.

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When the matter came up before Magistrate Joe Samboko, the accused pleaded guilty.

Mulenga said he had beaten his son because his son had gone to his house and started forcing him to give him a cigarette, the situation he said angered him.

He said his son disturbed him around 22:00 hours, as he was asleep.

However, the son applied to withdraw the matter on account that the person involved in the matter was his biological father and that he would not like him to be jailed.

The complainant said he had forgiven his father even though he had badly assaulted him.

Magistrate Samboko strongly warned him to behave and stay away from what he did, saying what he did can land him into correctional facility for five years imprisonment with hard labour.

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