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10 ways to save your smartphone battery life

When was the last time you charged your phone? You are probably charging it right now, hoping that it would retain the power for longer.  For most smartphones, replacing the battery is quite costly as it requires a technician because of the non-removable batteries. The good news is, there are several ways you can extend the lifespan of your battery.

Turn down brightness

This is one of the easiest ways to reserve your phone battery as a smartphone’s screen uses the most battery charge. Since both IOS and Android phones provide you options to manually reduce the screen’s brightness, you should do so when not using the phone. 

Turn off location services

Location apps such as Google Maps unnecessarily kill your phone battery. Make sure to switch off location services when you are not using your phone.

Download battery-saving apps

Battery saving apps help you identify other apps on your phone that are draining the charge. Some of these apps have options where you can adjust settings such as brightness and location, which help elongate battery life.

Uninstall apps  

Unnecessary apps on your phone use small amounts of charge throughout the day but add up in the long run. Go through your phone and look for the apps you don’t need and uninstall them.

Reduce camera use

With the rise of selfies, people spend hours during the day taking photos and videos. Using your phone camera especially with flash can quickly drain your battery. 

Manage your apps

Have you ever checked your phone settings to know which apps are using most of your battery charge? Well, you should, as some of these apps running in the background kill your battery faster than you know. To check which apps are draining your battery, open the main menu on your phone settings, scroll to ‘about phone’ and press it. On the menu, choose ‘battery use’ and check at the list of apps killing your battery. 

Turn off vibrations

Did you know that vibrations use more power more than the ringtone? Try and put your phone on silent mode or the normal ringtone minus vibration to save your battery. 

Avoid fully charging your phone

Charging your phone to 100 percent is not good for the battery, especially when left to charge overnight. This is because the battery starts draining once it charges to 100 percent. Experts recommend charging your phone to about 90 percent to help the battery last longer. 

Use battery saving mode

You can put your phone on a low power mode as this can double the battery lifespan. Most phones nowadays come with the option of battery saving mode, and it’s especially useful when your phone battery is about to die. 

Keep your phone battery cool

Always ensure that your phone is not exposed to high temperatures, such as direct sunlight. Batteries last longer at room temperature, so avoid leaving your phone in the car or putting it in your pocket; otherwise, your body might raise the temperature. 



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