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HEADS must roll at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) if it is proved that former Health minister, Chitalu Chilufya was maliciously prosecuted as insinuated in an audio that went viral, United Liberal Party (ULP) leader and lawyer Sakwiba Sikota has said.

Dr Chilufya last Thursday demanded that the ACC pays him US$50 million within three days as compensation for malicious prosecution, threatening to seek redress if it fails to do so.

ACC has announced that it has instituted investigations into reports that Dr Chilufya was maliciously prosecuted by its officers.
This follows an audio that went viral on social media which exposed former ACC Director General Rosemary Khuzwayo, instructing officers to prosecute Dr Chilufya even without sufficient evidence.
Dr Chilufya was acquitted on all four charges of alleged corruption that were slapped on him by ACC.
Mr Sikota said it was important that ACC comes out in the open and clear the air with regards the audio.

He said it must explain if what was being discussed in the audio was exactly what transpired or if it was false.
Mr Sikota said in the event ACC admits that the audio was true, they must explain why there was an intention to maliciously prosecute a public official.

He said if it was true Dr Chilufya was prosecuted maliciously as insinuated in the infamous audio, then heads must roll at ACC.
“If that is true, I should give them a benefit of doubt because they haven’t spoken, let them speak, if it is true then certainly heads have to roll,” he said.

Mr Sikota said ACC had to clear the air and tell the nation what truly transpired on the fateful day.

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He said there was no way the ACC could keep quiet after such revelations.
“It’s not in order for ACC to keep quiet because that cloud over their heads is too heavy. It has to be cleared. It’s too heavy of a cloud to just ignore,” said Mr Sikota.

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