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THE death of the UPND Kabwata Member of Parliament, MrLevy Mkandawire on Thursday  in an accident outside his home is shocking to all.

Mr Mkandawire died barely three months after being voted as MP taking over from Patriotic Front vice president Given Lubinda who did not contest the position.

This is a gentleman who had devoted his life to serving the people.  He was also a former civic leader having served as councillor for the Lusaka City Council.

The manner in which he died – being hit by a speeding car as he was opening his gate and being crushed against the wall fence is quite strange.

Mr Mkandawire was killed when a BMW vehicle driven by his neighbour, believed to have been drunk, hit his stationary car at the gate pinning him against the wall fence pillar which collapsed, crushing parts of his body.

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There will be all sorts of accusations and counter-accusations, hence the need for people to exercise patience and allow the police and other experts to investigate the accident.

Being a politician, there will be speculations that his political enemies could be behind his death.

Already, the UPND vice secretary-general Ms Gertrude Imendareportedly told the media that the freak accident that killed MrMkandawire was an assassination plot.

Ms Imenda said that the police needed to get down to the bottom of the matter and ensure that they investigate thoroughly. 

This is the more reason why there must be sober mindedness as people comment about his death and not inflame the situation that could lead to civil unrest.

The police have already said they are investigating possibilities of foul play into the accident.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said that it was too early to start speculating and that they would give a proper report once the matter was investigated.

“What I can tell you is that we are doing everything possible to get to the bottom of the matter and if indeed there was foul play then we are going to unearth it,” Mr Hamoonga said.

Indeed, it would not do the bereaved family, or nation any good if people resort to making wild speculations about MrMkandawire’s death.

There should be no finger-pointing as to who might have wished him dead, and anyone driving this narrative does not want peace in the nation.

Mr Mkandawire must be respected even in death for he devoted his life to be a servant of the people and must therefore be mourned in peace.

He had friends across the political divide for like most of his generation, he might have belonged to other political parties before finally settling in the UPND on whose ticket he was elected MP.

The nation has just come through a divisive general election and is slowly coming to terms with the changed political status-quo and anyone trying to take advantage of MrMkandawire’s tragic death to sow discord must not be entertained.

Mr Mkandawire was a patriot who believed in a united nation.  The least people could do is to mourn him with respect by upholding the virtues that made him stand out as a man of the people.

That is the legacy he has left.

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