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PROTUZ welcomes teacher head count

PROTUZ welcomes teacher head count
The Professional Teachers Union of Zambia (PROTUZ) has welcomed the government initiated physical head count of teachers, which is currently underway in North-western Province.
North-western Province PROTUZ Chairperson, Gilly Kakunta says the head count is meant to screen the teachers, and ascertain who the real teachers and ghost workers are.

ZANIS reports that Mr Kakunta noted that some teachers had wrong appointment letters, while others were unqualified for the job, but were serving as teachers.

Mr Kakunta pointed out that the exercise that has been commissioned by the new administration is welcome, adding that it will ensure that the right teachers are engaged and remain in the ministry.
“This exercise will ensure that the right teachers are in place”, he said.

Mr Kakunta added that the exercise will also help government to employ the right people in the right place.
Currently, government is carrying out a physical head count of public workers, in various ministries in North-western Province. – ZANIS

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