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Anger management can end spousal killings

Dear Editor,

ZAMBIA has in the recent past been recording high incidences of spousal killings. Spousal kilning is a scenario where spouses kill each other. Spousal killing also includes lovers killing each other. 

The reasons giving rise to spousal killing include infidelity, petty jealousy and misunderstanding, among others. 

It is evident that there could be misunderstanding in intimate relationships quite allright. This is normal. It becomes a problem when couples fail to resolve their marital differences.

People contemplating marriage must undergo premarital counselling. The premarital counselling sessions can be provided by the church leaders and relatives of the bride and the groom. This is imperative in that it prepares the potential couple on how best to resolve some problems.

Guns, knives and iron bars, among others have been used in spousal killings in the recent past. This is a worrying scenario and surely amicable solutions must be found to deal with the problem.

There have been incidences where the husband shot dead his wife and vice versa because of infidelity.  Infidelity arises in a situation where the husband flirts with another woman. It can also involve the wife flirting with another man. It has been shown that some people resort to killing their spouses and lovers because of anger. 

In this regard, there is need to manage one’s anger which can subsequently result in temperament. 

When a person loses his or her temper, he or she will do a nasty thing like murdering someone.

Last month, Mr. Steven Yamba aged 44 years on Christmas day allegedly murdered his wife Kangwa Mwango aged 33 years through sever beating on suspicion that she was having an affair with another man. 

He apparently started beating his wife on December, 24, 2021 around 19:00 hours and continued throughout the night.  She died the following day around 09:00 hours as she was being taken to the University Teaching Hospitals. Mr. Yamba later bought an pesticide and committed suicide by drinking it. One thing worth mentioning here is that there are disappointments in intimate relationships. On this score, it is imperative to accept what has transpired and move on with life. Suffice to say, killing your lover or spouse is not the solution.



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