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Ban maize bran export, says agro dealer


GOVERNMENT must immediately ban export of maize bran to neighbouring countries until local demand is met, an agro dealer has said.

In an interview, Pregma Agri Limited managing director Amon Maviya said continued export of maize bran mostly to South Africa, Botswana, and other neighbouring countries has resulted in shortage of the product on the local market.

 Mr. Maviya said the shortage had seen prices of maize keep on escalating every day.

He said if the export continues, industries involved in stock feed manufacturing and chicken rearing will be left with no option but to continue hiking prices of their products.

Mr. Maviya said currently, most milling companies are not operating because there is not enough maize. He said the available maize has high moisture content and millers are not buying it.

He urged Agriculture Minister Reuben Phiri to look into the issue as a matter of urgency before the sector plunges into a crisis.

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