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....vehemently denies links to petroleum firm


IT is extremely shocking that out of desperation to malign almost all former government officials under the PF regime, some senior officials in government are trying to link me to a petroleum company that I am ignorant about, former Presidential Affairs Minister, Freedom Sikazwe has lamented.

Mr Sikazwe has distanced himself from Kapesika Energy and Petroleum Limited, one of the companies listed as best evaluated bidders to supply petrol and diesel to Government.

He was reacting to reports that using his position as Presidential Minister, he secured contracts from the government for Kapesika Energy and Petroleum Ltd which is owned by his purported young brother, a Mr Kapembwa Sikazwe.

In an interview, Mr Sikazwe said he was aware of the allegations but wondered why people were connecting him to the company and the owner he did not know.

“These allegations actually started last month, and I didn’t want to respond to avoid giving them credence. The truth is that I know nothing about that. It’s a fake story. I have never even met the owner of that company (Kapembwa Sikazwe). They just want to malign me because we share the surname when I don’t even know the chap,” Mr Sikazwe said.

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He alleged that there was a grand plan by some senior government officials who are sponsoring campaigns aimed at tarnishing the image of former government officials, including himself. 

He challenged the investigative wings to probe the matter and prosecute him if he was involved in anyway.

“Let them investigate the owners of the company if they suspect any illegal deals and bring all the culprits to book than implicating innocent people just because you want to malign the previous government officials,” Mr Sikazwe said.

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