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PLOTS SCANDAL SHOCKS MP – Councillors in illegal land allocation irk Nkana MP Binwell Mpundu


RAMPANT illegal allocation of land has rocked Mindolo and Kamakonde areas of Nkana constituency in Kitwe where land earmarked for schools, markets and recreational facilities has been illegally allocated to individuals.

Nkana Member of Parliament Binwell Mpundu has disclosed that even pieces of land where roads were supposed to pass have been blocked by illegal allocation of land which had become rampant in less than six months in which councillors have been in office.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Mpundu said he was appalled that pieces of land which were earmarked for various developmental projects have been illegally allocated to individuals.

“During my tour of the constituency, I was appalled by what I found in Kamakonde and Mindolo areas. Pieces of land earmarked for markets, schools and recreational facilities have been given to individuals and they are constructing.

“The sad part is that in some cases, the Kitwe City Council says they are not aware about these illegal allocation of land because they were allocated by the Ministry of Lands. So there is need for coordination between the Ministry of Lands and the council,” Mr Mpundu said.

Mr Mpundu has also said MPs were always ignorant about issues of land allocation in their constituencies, and were shocked to see illegal structures mushrooming even in areas which were properly planned for development because they were no longer part of the council.

He said the removal of MPs from being part of the councils had seen an increase in the illegal allocation of land and other unexplained and retrogressive developments. 

“The absence of MPs in the council has brought a lot of freedom among councillors who think they can do things as they wish. They know that if MPs were part of the council they would object to issues which are only meant to benefit a few individuals. 

“Even on the issue of the Constituency Development Fund, the technocrats and councillors do not want the MPs to be closer to the CDF because they know they may punch holes in their plans,” he said.

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