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Nawakwi produces marriage certificate

EDITH Nawakwi has produced a marriage certificate to court which shows that she and the late husband, Geoffrey Hambulo, were married at St Ignatius Parish Catholic Church on December 22, 2014.

Ms Nawakwi has accused her step children Mulundu and Mweemba Hambulo of mismanaging the estate in their capacity as administrators which include withdrawing money from the deceased’s personal accounts without the knowledge of any family member.

In this matter, Forum for Democracy and Development president Ms Nawakai has sued in the Lusaka High Court Mulundu and Mweemba, seeking an injunction restraining them from acting as administrators of the estate.

She stated that her husband, who died on December 5, 2021, due to complications from prostate cancer, left a will.

She seeks an order to revoke the letters of administration of the estate of her late husband granted to the step-children.

The applicant is seeking an order to deem the document dated April 20, 2018 and its subsequent amendment made in November 2020 as the will left by her late husband.

In the alternative, the court orders that late Mr Hambulo died intestate and the provisions of the Intestate Succession Act Chapter 59 of the laws of Zambia should apply and Ms Nawakwi should be the administrator.

But her step children alleged that she was never married to Mr Hambulo and he never left a Will.

In reply, Ms Nawakwi has submitted to the court a marriage certificate as evidence that she was indeed married to Mr Hambulo.

She stated that the claims by the respondents that she was merely cohabiting with their father are not only malicious but are aimed at bringing her name and character into disrepute.

The applicant said that despite Mulundu and Mweemba boasting of being educated, they are not suitable candidates to manage the estate of her late husband.

She said that since the duo obtained letters of administration, they have locked up the deceased’s office at G Hambulo Investments Limited, Sky FM Limited and Panda Hatchery Limited.

Ms Nawakwi stated that the respondents have also gone to  tenants who have a tenancy agreement with G Hambulo Investments Limited to deposit rentals into an unknown account.

She stated that she had ensured that payments owed by companies wherein her late husband had shares have been made on time.

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