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PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema must take action because people are dying due to shortage of medicine in hospitals, Resident Doctors Association President Dr Brian Sampa has said.

He said the head of State need to take drastic measures to save the lives of innocent Zambians.

He said in an interview that those given the mandate to procure medicine have given too many excuses which should not be tolerated anymore.

“The minister has reshuffled the entire management at Matero Level One Hospital over a toilet, so what should stop the President from doing  the same  to those not providing enough drugs and just giving excuses,” he said.

Dr Sampa also cautioned government officials parading people to show that there is medicine when there was nothing in hospitals.

He said it is shocking that an individual can engage in such ill act.

“Reminder to those being paraded on TV to lie that we have enough drugs and those lying while people are still dying due to drug shortages, it is very wrong,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Sampa hailed the European Union for providing medicine in some hospitals.

“Thank you for the drugs whether bought or donated by the European Union.

“Let’s secure the supply chain and just not relying on donated drugs. We need seriousness when it comes to drugs and medical supplies.

“Expensive drugs can be donated not cheap essential drugs like Panadol, amoxicillin,” Dr Sampa said.

He said “Dependency on others to buy us drugs when money was allocated in the budget won’t be sustainable.”


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