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Armed robbers raid Mvunga’s house


ARMED robbers raided former Bank of Zambia governor, Christopher Mvunga’s house, looking for money  supposedly printed while he was at the Central Bank.

The robbers broke doors to gain entry and tied up the workers demanding access to the man believed to have been printed by Mr Mvunga while he was Bank Governor.
And Mr  Mvunga, the former Bank of Zambia governor believes he is being hunted by political enemies after armed robbers raided his house with intentions of allegedly eliminating him because they believed he has money he printed while at the Bank of Zambia.

Mr Mvunga was on Monday night raided by, professional armed robbers who wanted money because “they believe social media reports that I had money printed at the central bank.”

“These people will get me killed over money that I do not have. I don’t have money because I have not been paid,” Mr Mvunga said.

“I resigned, so I was never paid. But these people want me killed by publishing false things,” he complained.

Mr Mvunga said in an interview that he was only saved from an uncertain ending because he was not at home that particular night as he went with his wife who was not feeling well at the farm.

He said that the robbers left all the valuables in the house because they were after the alleged printed money. 

He narrated that the robbers told his workers that they wanted the money he had allegedly printed for himself during his time as Bank of Zambia governor.

Mr Mvunga said that the robbers were covered from head to toe in black cloths and gloves and they told his house maid that they wanted him so that they could get the money and kill him.

He said that the people propelling the propaganda that he printed money for himself were just putting his life in danger because everyone thinks that he had a lot of money.

Mr Mvunga said he resigned from his position without getting paid and he wondered why people were spreading rumours that he had a lot of money.

“I don’t have any money on me. I am broke,” he said.

He said he had reported the matter to Bauleni police but it seemed that they were not getting any help from there.

Mr Mvunga said that his life was in danger because of the narrative doing rounds on social media. He has advised the new dawn administration to ask the BoZ if he had printed any money rather than putting his life in danger.

Morever, he said, BoZ has a policy that no money gets printed during an election period.

“With all those systems in place, how can someone believe that one person could get money printed,” he said.

Mr Mvunga explained that the armed robbers broke the doors and tied his workers while demanding to know where he was.

Having failed to find any money, the robbers left and the workers called to alert him.

Meanwhile, Police spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga confirmed receiving the report but could not give details by press time. He said the report was made to Bauleni Police by a guard at Mr Mvunga’s home.

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