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Declare assets, NDC challenges HH


President Hakainde Hichilema should publicly declare his assets before he could talk about not getting a salary so that he should not have problems when he leaves power, National Democratic Congress secretary general, Charles Kabwita, has said.

Mr Kabwita said the danger of the president not declaring his assets was that the nation would be fed with information that was not factual.

He said the President was the reason why most ministers in the UPND administration were hesitating to declare their assets.

Mr Kabwita said if the people who had not declared their assets were to be questioned when amassing wealth during their tenure of office they would be claiming that they made their wealth before assuming public office.

Mr Kabwita said it was against the law to fail to declare assets because according to the laws of Zambia all the ministers including the president were supposed to declare their assets.

He said everybody in Zambia knows that Mr Hichilema was rich but that does not exempt him from fulfilling the requirements of the law and people needed to know how much he was worth before he became republican president.

Mr Kabwita said if the UPND government was serious about fighting corruption they must first lead by example by telling the people who they were by declaring their assets.

He said the delay to declare assets by the UPND regime should worry the people of Zambia because the hesitation shows that they had something down their sleeves.


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