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ECL protests smear campaign


FORMER President Edgar Lungu says he is dismayed with continued attempts to put his name in disrepute by use of false and alarming statements attributed to him in the media.

According to a statement issued by office of the sixth Republican President, Administrative Assistant, Daniel Siwo, Mr Lungu expressed concern over smear politics that had gone on for too long which he said had continued to divide the nation at the expense of building a better country.

Mr Siwo said Mr Lungu was reacting to a recent post trending on social media platforms, suggesting that he was contemplating making a return to active politics.

He said Mr Lungu however requested all Zambians to be critical of every statement alleged to have been issued by him before reacting to it.

Mr Siwo said the former president had stated that neither he nor his office had given any exclusive interviews to either local or international journalists.

He said Mr. Lungu also reminded Zambians to play a role in uniting the nation and put aside politics in matters that may injure the nation irrevocably.

And the former Head of State appealed to the media, especially social media platforms to desist from being used as tools for political propaganda if they are to maintain public confidence in their works.

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