VETERAN Hip hop artiste Tommy D has teamed up with Switcha and Stankanovats trading as Alkebulans (mother of mankind).

Musically speaking, Alkebulans are hip hop self-proclaimed leaders set to redefine the Zambian music industry and take it beyond.

The uniquely talented artistes have released a brand new single “Tsutsube Basarwa” with an up and coming Zed producer, Voodoo.

The term Tsutsube is a traditional dance and accompanying music in Botswana which is practised by Basarwa or San people.

The trio has an ultimate project called ‘Alkabulan’ and this release is a continuation of the Alkebulan Project which is emphasizing on “bonafide beings” and “Peace”.

Although the song is a little bit of a departure from their urban songs– the trio felt the need to make this song because of their love and admiration for the Basarwa people of the Kalahari desert.

As self proclaimed “hip hop heads”, Alkabulans are happy that a song of this kind can finally be considered under that cannon.

When describing the song, they said, “This song takes a deep personal and inspirational realisation that we are all one regardless of our African origins so we came up with this “sing along” anthem for anyone who has ever felt connected by culture”.

The song is about the historic people and their ancient tales that still reassonates with modern times .

The song is fun, its light and it’s very catchy! Anyone that really loves to sing along will absolutely love it as it is now available on various social media music platforms.

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