Danny Kaya Music Fest: a test of legendary

By Lifestyle Reporter

MUSICIAN Danny Siulapwa fondly called Danny Kaya continues to prove music is his life and will do anything to preserve his works. This was witnessed at his recently held ‘Danny Kaya Music Festival’ which this year celebrated its 5th anniversary.
The show held at Lusaka Polo Grounds attracted a multitude of fans mainly loyal to his music and style, probably beating the record of his previous shows. These fans were treated to a legendary experience of Zambian music from artistes mostly Danny’s peers that took turns to offer back up performances.

Petersen, JK, Afunika, Mozegator, Hamoba, Ty2, the evergreen Amayenge Band and Shimasta were among the many artistes that turned up to give the show its legendary status. It was Danny’s over 20-year connection to his Mo Fire Band, featuring the likes of Marrie, Naso, Rupert, Titus, and many others, that heightened the performances rich in coordination and authenticity.

Danny graced the show with his well-known and sing along tunes that have stood the test of time and are shelved under timeless music. The crowd proved this by singing along to almost every song called by Danny. The show was also used as platform to reconnect with the past and take appreciation to the people that built Zambian music. For this reason, Danny honoured Chisha Folotiya, a founder of what birthed the current Zambian music through Mondo Music. Danny promised this gesture will be happening every year and he also showed deep appreciation to the fans for turning out in real numbers.


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