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Give Chiluba property to his family – Mwanza

By Ketra Kalunga

Put a human face to the issue of the property belonging to the late second Republican President Dr. Frederick Chiluba which was forfeited to the state and give   back to his children because he was acquitted of wrong doing, Citizen Democratic Party leader, Robert Mwanza has said.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) last December forfeited the property of Dr Chiluba to the state valued at over K40 million because the late President didn’t make any claims for the property when investigations were proceeding and at the time the seizure notice was issued.

Mr. Mwanza however said the ACC should avail adequate information on why they forfeited the property to the state because the statement that time elapsed in which Dr. Chiluba was supposed to claim his property was not reason enough for their action.

He said in an interview that it was unfair for the ACC to subject the children of Dr. Chiluba to suffering that he went through when his immunity was stripped and tried by the courts for corruption.

“I think it’s good as a nation that we put a human face to this issue. It’s unfair to pass the suffering of Dr. Chiluba with court cases to his children,” he said.

Mr. Mwanza said if there were legal lapses that led to Dr Chiluba  failing to meet the time frame  to claim his property, it  should be corrected.

In 2002, the ACC instituted investigations into suspected corruption in the manner Tedworth Properties Incorporation Limited, a company incorporated in Panama, acquired properties in Zambia.

The property acquired by Tedworth Properties are Plot No. 4828, Alberg Court, located along Addis Ababa Drive, Longacres, Lusaka which also comprises 21 residential flats.

Others are Plot No. F/488a/26/C, Horizon House, located along Leopards Hill Road, in Kabulonga, Plot No. F/488a/26/D, Chibote House, located along Leopards Hill Road, in Kabulonga in Lusaka.

“On 30th September 2010, the High Court ruled in favour of Tedworth Properties Incorporated but the Commission appealed the judgment of the High Court but the Supreme Court overturned the judgement.

On December 29, 2016 the Supreme Court awarded with costs to the State.

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