Criticise Govt based on policy – Mweetwa


OPPOSITION political parties should criticise the UPND administration on policy measures that were being put in place and position themselves as better policy proposal alternatives proponents than arguing on baseless issues, Southern Province Minister, Cornelius Mweetwa, has said.

Mr Mweetwa, who is also UPND spokesperson, said the country could not continue like this where political leaders bring issues to the table that do not add any value to the country.

He said in an interview that Zambians were only interested in things that could make their lives better and not wrangles of any political party.

Mr Mweetwa said there were measures that the UPND government was putting in place and if anyone was not happy they were supposed to challenge and criticise the government based on those measures because it was what affects the people.

He claimed that the country was from a major and fundamental life changing election which saw it move from violence to peace and moved from corruption and plunder of national resources to prudent management of resources and economic transformation.

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Mr Mweetwa said the opposition should say that now that there was this platform they could rally around and take the nation to the next level.

He said this was no longer about Hakainde Hichilema succeeding but about the Zambians who would benefit from it.

“We need to be working together. This political drama must have an end point, this must have an end game,” he said.

Mr Mweetwa said people needed to come to realise that when the UPND succeeded it would benefit everyone because this was a government of the people.

He said Mr Hichilema had shown that he had the spine to work for the people that was why he has even gone for 10 months without pay.

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