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…as Wright Musoma says it is surprising that government has decided to remain mute


IT is shocking that the Ethiopian survivor who had been recovering from the trauma he suffered after being dumped among the other 27 of his dead nationals has suddenly died of Covid-19 without government announcing, Wright Musona has said.

Mr Musoma, the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president says government should disclose the full extent of the new Covid-19 variant which is said to be severe because the death of the Ethiopian national had exposed what the State did not want Zambians to know.

He said the whole debacle exposed how porous the Zambian borders were and that the discovery of the bodies sent cold shivers among most citizens.

He said if indeed the man died of Covid-19, then authorities needed to be on high alert and ensure that the country was not hit hard when another wave erupts.

The Ethiopian man died on Friday from Covid-19  after struggling with ill health for two weeks after being saved from the pile of bodies dumped in the Meanwood area.

According to immigration sources, the man, believed to have been part of a group of illegal immigrants, succumbed to Covid-19 at the Maina Soko Medical Centre.

The man is said to have recovered from the trauma he suffered after he was damped with the other 27 Ethiopia nationals and was discharged from the intensive care ward and moved to a normal one awaiting complete discharge.

But his health suddenly deteriorated and tests conducted after he died revealed that he had Covid-19, which has not been explained, the immigration sources explained.

Last week, police said the man who was found gasping for breath from the 27 unexplained dead Ethiopians who were dumped in Meanwood Khosi along Chaminuka road in Lusaka was unstable.

Police Deputy Spokesperson Danny Mwale said the man had not gained consciousness and the doctors from the University Teaching Hospital where he was receiving treatment advised that he needed more time.

But according to sources, the man lost the battle on Friday, bringing the death toll from the truck dump to 28.

On December 11, 2022 residents in Lusaka’s Ngwerere area found the bodies of the dead Ethiopians around 06:00 hours.

Police officers were alerted and quickly rushed to the scene where they found one gasping for life.

He was rushed to the hospital by a concerned member of the public where he was receiving medical attention.


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