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Kunda chiefs remember ancestors


THE Kunda people of Mambwe have paid homage to their ancestors to symbolize the readiness of the Kunda Malaila traditional ceremony which is taking place today. 

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The homage, which was led by Chief Mnkhanya together with Chieftaines Msoro, Chief Malama and Chief Jumbe took place at the royal gravesite of the departed senior chiefs in Nsefu Chiefdom.

In paying reverence, the traditional leadership performed rituals at the graveyard in honor of their ancestors.

Some of the rituals performed were pouring of traditional beer and adding of mealie meal at the royal departed senior chiefs tombstones.

And speaking after performing the homage, Chief Malama said the Kunda people pay homage to the departed chiefs so that they can continue to rest in peace. 

“We pay homage so that those who died can continue to rest in peace and we also ask God through the ancestors to address the some challenges faced by the kingdom,” Chief Malama said.

He also explained that there was nothing evil about paying homage to the departed royal highnesses as the practice was started by the forefathers.

Chief Malama also said it is important for Zambia to continue to preserving its culture no matter how modernised the world is becoming.

“We hear people saying what we are doing is wrong and evil. We have been doing this for years and we are not going to stop,” Chief Malama said.

 The Kunda Malaila ceremony is held to honor past chiefs.

And Minister of Water Development and Sanitation Mike Mposha who was part of the procession said culture and heritage must always be preserved for the younger generation.

“The importance of coming to the graveyard where our various chiefs who ruled the various chiefdoms is to ignite the fact that we are continuing with the works they taught us and to use this to teach our children that this is a very important practice so that as they grow they pick up from the elders,” Mr Mposha said

And Eastern Province Minister Peter Phiri said the Kunda Malaila traditional ceremony is significant in Mambwe District as it attracts tourists.



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