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PROTESTS have erupted after hundreds of Zambia Army recruits were left out of the selection process in Ndola.

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According to a video circulating on social media, the recruits complained that they were removed at night and that there was too much corruption in the selection process.

The recruits said they  were shocked that they were let go at night and most of them did not have relatives and were stranded.

Some of the affected recruits said their names were even published in the papers but were shocked that they were left out due to corruption.

“We have been chased at night and some of us are from Lusaka how do they expect us to survive like this,” one of the affected individuals said.

They called on President Hakainde Hichilema to intervene because people with connections were using their positions to squeeze in their relatives.

The disgruntled youths said only the head of state could make a stop to this because qualified youths were being left out due to nepotism.



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