THE detention of Kabaso Mulenga popularly known as Spax has nothing to do with gassing but is related to the killing of another jerabo in a suspected gang war among small-scale miners in Chingola, Economic and Equity Party leader and activist, Chilufya Tayali has insisted.

Mr Tayali was reacting to police threats against jerabo members planning to protest the detention of Spax.

“Jerabos on the Copperbelt who are plotting to protest and push for the release of Kabaso Mulenga popularly known as Spax who is in our custody will be dealt with ruthlessly,” Inspector General of police Kakoma Kanganja has warned.
And Mulenga is expected to appear in court soon, police have said. He has been accused of killing a person though police have withheld details.

However, Mr Tayali said the story of Spax had nothing to do with the gassing contrary to suggestions from some quarters but rivalry between and among gangs (Jerabos) in the Copperbelt. He says the gang war could be traced back to the 2018 conflict which left one of the gang leaders by the name of Isaac Chiwasha, popularly known as Debra Richie, burnt in his house.

The following year, which is last year, in May 2019, another Jerabo by the name of Nelson Mhango was also petrol bombed by a rival gang in Chiwempala Township.

“Several Jerabos were arrested in relation to the two deaths but the crimes have been under investigation to-date. Spax is one of the gang leaders in the Copperbelt, particularly in Chingola and he has been arrested in relation to these cases. It is suspected that he could have sponsored the arson,” Mr Tayali said.

Spax, who is also a small scale miner (jerabo) was arrested on February 26 for allegedly killing a person. In widely circulated pictures on social media, Spax was also photographed in military uniform, while brandishing a gun.
In a statement yesterday, Mr. Kanganja said police had information that some groupings on the Copperbelt had printed some T- shirts and were planning to hold an illegal protest demanding the release of Mulenga who was still in custody.


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