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‘Security situation under control’

THE security situation across the country following a spate of gassing incidents is under control, Minister of Home Affairs, Stephen Kampyongo has said.
Speaking at the PF interactive forum in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Kampyongo said the gassing incidents had been contained.
He thanked President Edgar Lungu for having directed the army to work with the police in bringing the barbaric acts to an end.
Mr Kampyongo also thanked men and women in uniform for having restored order and peace.
“The situation is now under control,” Mr Kampyongo said.
And Mr Kampyongo has challenged the media to get more details of the suspects in incarceration at the Court of law during proceedings.
The minister said police could not disclose who Kabaso Mulenga popularly known as Spax had murdered.
“Follow the matter at court. Go to courts and get details. All the evidence is presented to court,” Mr Kampyongo said.
Mr Kampyongo has also cautioned journalists in Zambia against participating in the promotion of hate speech and cyber bullying through social media.
He said government under President Edgar Lungu was resolved in ensuring that there was law and order in the country by all means.
“We recently passed a Motion to ban the spreading of hate speech on social and other platforms brought to parliament by our colleague the UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo affirmatively, all of us the PF MPs voted for the progression of that motion regardless of who brought it” Hon Kampyongo said.
The Minister said it was the nature of PF lawmakers to support each and every progressive bill brought to Parliament whether it was by the opposition or otherwise.
Hon Kampyongo said that there will be no sacred cows in the administration of the law when it comes to citizens breaking the law.
He further urged all those planning to conduct illegal protests against the arrest of Spax on the Copperbelt to desist from doing or face the wrath of the law.
“President Edgar Lungu and all of us in government are resolved on ensuring that there is law and order in the country, and we shall not be looking at statuses when one commits a crime we shall let the law take its course to the later, it doesn’t matter who you are but as long as you have committed a crime the law shall visit you,” Mr Kampyongo said.
He said the police were investigating the matter involving Spax and he would be appearing in Court soon.

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