Face masks hanging loose

Trend in Ndola worries authorities

SOME residents in Ndola are moving about, with face masks hanging loosely below the chin even in public places and only adjusting them to their face when confronted by authorities.
The trend has worried authorities, who have strongly warned that masks must be adjusted appropriately to cover the mouth and nose, while ensuring that the sides are not open to prevent any droplets.
Other residents felt that those who were not adjusting the face masks appropriately were frustrating efforts to prevent the spread of COVD-19.
Some other people did not even bother to wear face masks at all and moved about casually.
A survey conducted at the weekend showed that some people had the masks below the chin, much to the chagrin of compliant resident and authorities.
Some people interviewed said they felt uncomfortable to cover both the mouth and the nose, but promised that with time they would get used to wearing them properly.
A check in supermarkets such as Shoprite and Pick n Pay showed that no one was being allowed entry without a mask on their face.
However, some people only pulled their masks on their face upon reaching the entrance and took them off after leaving the premises.
Ndola City Mayor, Amon Chisenga, said the local authority was not going to allow any resident moving around without a mask.
He warned that whoever would be found abrogating the health guidelines would face the law as the virus was dangerous and needed to be contained with the cooperation of all citizens
The Mayor said the measures were aimed at preventing the spread of the virus and protecting the Zambian population and not to frustrate anyone.

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