Ministry of Agricultue offside over maize stocks

I WRITE to offer my displeasure at the Ministry of Agriculture amid mealie meal and maize shortages and escalating prices in most towns.
When there was donations of maize to Malawi when they had a hunger crisis, we rose up in numbers to cry foul because we thought we didn’t have enough for ourselves.
Government stood firm and said we had enough even to last up to 2021 and we kept quiet yet prices continued going up and the shortage continued.As if that was not enough, just a few months ago when we were hit badly by the shortage, Agriculture Minister Michael that we have enough maize and that the shortage was artificially created by millers who vehemently denied it.minister repeated his assurance that we have enough maize to offload to the millers so that the price of our staple food can be stabilised, but that again didn’t For him to this week to now come and tell the nation that offloading to the millers but for relief is baffling.
What relief is he talking about when it is us Zambians who need the relief? What relief has he in mind?
Do we have enough maize in FRA sheds? What is going on with these unco-ordinated statement from the same people over the same matter or subject? I personally have played you for an offside.Let us not forget that smug-gling has been there even in the UNIP era up to now but have never heard any government failing to curb it so that your so-called artificial shortage (the new term we have learnt from you) is avoided.Now you are telling us that prices will only come down in two weeks after the 2020/2021 marketing season starts with-out apologising for not meaning Note that you are handling Zambia’s staple food which should be done with the care and accuracy it deserves as you go on with your service delivery to this nation. We have mandated you to do that diligently on our behalf through the President of the Republic of Zambia who ap-pointed you to that portfolio.

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